Frequently Asked Questions

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Our app was designed to be real-time, multi-platform and empower all participants to share and follow the results.

You just need to ask for the token of the friend you want to add, and put it into your challenge admins page.

We add modalities all the time, but if you can’t find exactly yours, you can get a close one to have events and statistics, and if you still can’t find a related modality, you can also use a custom one, with basic statistics.

You just have to click “share” on the challenge list or on your challenge dashboard screen. You will get a link to your real-time challenge, so your friends can keep updated in real-time.

Spread the word! You can be listed as Featured (we hand pick the best challenges), Popular (challenges that got most followers in the last few days) or Trending (challenges that got most unique visitors in the last few hours). So share your challenges, ask your friends to follow it and get into it – and you should get listed.

Yes. It’s available on the advanced settings of any “table” type stage. In fact, you can create as many zones as you want, set a color for them and apply them to the positions you desire.

The number of competitors in a bracket should be a power of 2 (2, 4, 8, 16, 32 and so on). If your competitors doesn’t match these numbers, you have to make it match by adding some competitors on “bye” mode, or by making and classificatory stage to get rid of the excess competitors.

You can create modifiers to add or remove arbitrary values to the points of competitors in a stage group, such as a penalty for breaking a rule, or a bonus for any achievement.

Statistics are generated only by events. Some simple challenges just set the scores, thus not generating any statistics. Also challenges that doesn’t match a existent modality, will generate only limited statistics.

Currently you have the option of make Table / Bracket stages or All vs. All, with several options.

We understand that Ads maybe unpleasant, but it’s necessary. You have the option to support the app getting a Premium Subscription – it will grant you an ad-free experience and give you priority support from our team.

Check your spam box first, if couldn’t find it there, double check for “typos” in the email on your account settings and ask for a new confirmation email.

“Assist” is an event that we call “Related Event”. A related event will never exist alone, it will always depend on another event. For example, if there is to be assistance in Soccer, there will always be a Goal.

If you want to change the e-mail associated with your Challenge Place account or password it is possible and very simple, just follow these steps.

No. We currently do not work with any type of sponsorship or partnership with teams or tournaments and leagues.

Yes, in the “All vs. All” stage match format you can create and customize tags to indicate status like a “Best lap”, “OUT”, “MVP”, or as you need.

To permanently delete your account follow these steps.

In addition to adding event by event to the timeline you can choose to simply edit the total number of stats in the match.

Place your bets, with dynamically odds in our automated system easily. No money involved, just fun.

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