Can I have relegation and promotion zones?

To create ranking zones in the groups of the stages, such as relegation and promotion zones for example (or whatever you like), we have a featured called “Group Zones

It’s available on the advanced settings of any “table” type stage.

To add Group Zones in your challenge table follow these steps:

1. Go to stage settings screen.

  • To do so, access the stage screen (the one with the groups/tables).
  • Then click on the gear icon in app or 3-dots icon in browser (right side of the stage name).
  • You can also access this option when creating the stage in “Advanced options”.

2. Within this screen you will have some customization options and one of them is “Group zones”.

  • Here you can create all the labels you want and select a color for each one.

3. Now you just have to choose in which groups these labels will be displayed.

  • For that, return to the stage screen (the one with the groups/tables) and on the top right side of each group there will be a menu (3-dots icon).
  • Click and select “Set group zones” option.
  • Now clicking on the group positions you can define a label.
  • After everything is configured just click on the “Save” button.

You can create as many zones as you want.

Set the colors of the zones and apply them to the positions you desire.

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