How do I get my challenges featured in the Challenge Place website?

There are 3 ways to list your challenge featured.

All of those involves making a great challenge and get your friends into it.

We have designed a system that reward our users effort while serving as use-case for new users on how to use the most of our features.

As long as you make your challenge relevant, it will get follows and visits, leading to a raise in our ranks and higher exposure in our website.

Challenges featured on our website will get more followers and more access from the community.

Featured Challenges

We hand pick some very good challenges and set it as “Featured”.

It can also be the result of some partnership.

So it’s listed in our home page and it’s modality page with more relevance than the other 2 possibilities.

If you want to promote our system and bring more users, contact us.

Explain us how you promote our system, for how many people, and we will list your challenge as Featured in return.

Popular Challenges

Popular Challenges are the most followed challenges in the last 3 days.

Share your amazing challenge with your friends and family, and ask them to register themselves and follow your challenges.

We will probably list your Challenge in our home page and/or your challenges modality page.

Although it won’t last long, once it will fade after few days of the followers arrive.

It will maximize your chances to get listed in the next category, i.e:

Trending Challenges

Trending Challenges are the challenges that got the most unique visitors in the last 48 hours.

Craft your Challenge, spread the word and keep it updated real time.

Make your friends follow and follow-up the results, to keep your challenges listed for long.

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