Can I use the Challenge Place app while offline?

No. Our app was designed to be real-time, multi-platform and empower all participants to share and follow the results.

At Challenge Place we take our users data security very seriously.

All challenges are saved to our cloud on modern servers with automatic backups.

Our users can install and uninstall the app, log into their accounts on other devices, erase their smartphone memory, and none of this will affect their saved challenges.

They will continue to be accessible from anywhere or on any device, including through our website.

Our goal is to offer more and more new features and unique experience for our users. And one of those experiences is the real-time mode.

This has always been an important point for us to pursue, as the vast majority of users want to release their challenge results so that anyone tracking on another device or website can see the changes in real time without having to update every minute or second.

Another feature is the multiple-admin.

Today it is already possible for challenges to have more than one admin so that everyone can update the results at the same time.

And all these benefits of real-time mode are only possible when you are connected.

We know that the need to be connected to the internet to access the Challenge Place bothers some users.

But we see much more benefits in online mode, which makes it positive.

With this we are preparing our system to receive new large and modern features that few can offer.

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