Volleyball is an Olympic Sport practiced between 2 teams with 6 players on each side.

The match takes place on a court divided in the middle by a net.

The game is divided into sets, and the team that wins the first 25 points (or another amount if the rules are not official) wins the set.

The team that wins 3 sets will win the game.

In the official rules if each team wins 2 sets, the 5 set is called a tie-break and a team wins when it scores 15 points and not 25.

Want to know more about the history and rules of Volleyball? [Click here].

Challenge Place is the perfect tool for you to create your Volleyball tournaments.

This modality support for different stages types:

Table – 1 or more groups
Bracket – with single elimination or double elimination.

You can create as many stages as you want in your challenge, of the same type or different types (mixed).

Another option is the match schedule, you can configure manually (match per match) or let Challenge Place automatically create it for you.

You only need to configure how many matches you want per serie.

Create your teams and players and have fun making your championship with Challenge Place.

In the real time match screen you can add events and automatically generate cool statistics for your teams and players.

Another cool option is the “Group zones” to create ranking zones, such as relegation and promotion zones for example (or whatever you like).

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Events and Statistics supported for Voleyball in Challenge Place

  • Point
    • Stats
      • Partial score
      • Points
  • Ace
    • Stats
      • Partial score
      • Aces
      • Points
  • Set won
    • Stats
      • Score
  • Substitution
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