Moto Racing

Moto racing is a sport that includes a major varieties of competitive forms involving the use of motorcycles.

Some of these modalities are:

  • Road racing
    • Traditional road racing
    • Motorcycle Grand Prix
    • Superbike racing
    • Supersport racing
    • Endurance racing
    • Sidecar racing
  • Motocross (or MX)
    • Supercross
    • Supermoto
  • Enduro and cross-country
    • Enduro
    • Hare Scramble
  • Track racing
    • Indoor short track and TT Racing
    • Speedway
    • Grasstrack
    • Ice speedway
    • Board track

In addition to these modalities, there are many others created by motorcycle lovers.

Challenge Place is a complete and free platform with a lot of easy and complete options for you to create Moto Racing tournaments in various types of modalities.

Discover the many options of the Challenge Place and have fun creating your tournament. Also, you can share your challenge and be successful with those who follow your tournaments.

You can create stages with one or multiple groups, in addition to configuring the “Default score in the rounds of this stage”.

An option where you define how many points each place will receive, for example the 1ST receives 10 points, 3RD 6 points, 8TH 2 points, etc. Also you can set the tiebreakers, points or wins criteria and add arbitrary value to the scores.

In Challenge Place you can have a table for teams and another for drivers, in the same stage! So you can easily view the scores and statistics of teams and drivers!

It is possible configure which columns will be displayed in the stage table, like Place variation, Points, Races, Wins and many others options.

Another cool options is the “Group zones”, to create ranking zones in the groups (such as relegation / promotion zones for example) and “Tags” to create tags and assign to drivers or teams, such as “out” or “best lap”.

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