Formula 1

Formula 1 or F1 is the most popular car racing modality in the world. Disputed by drivers and teams, and both receive scores, and at the end of the championship we have the best pilot and the best team.

The races are played on racetracks around the world, on legendary racetracks like Monte Carlo in Monaco, Monza in Italy, Interlagos in Brazil and Susuka in Japan for example.

Speaking of legends, many of the most legendary drivers in history have gone through for famous teams like:

Ferrari, McLaren, Willians, Mercedes and many others.

There are many games and simulators of the modality for PC and consoles, and the success among the players is enormous.

Challenge Place is a powerful tool for creating your Formula 1 tournaments or other Car Racing modalities.

You can create stages with 1 or multiple groups, in addition to configuring the “Default score in the rounds of this stage”.

An option where you define how many points each place will receive, for example the 1ST receives 10 points, 3RD 6 points, 8TH 2 points, etc…

We offer advanced options to customize your tournament in an incredible way and give your style for the tournament.

It is possible configure which columns will be displayed in the stage table:

  • Place variation
  • Points
  • Races
  • Wins
  • And many others

You can also define the tiebreakers, points or wins criteria and add arbitrary value to the scores.

Another sensational option is the “Group zones”, click here to learn more about this Challenge Place feature.

Create your drivers or teams, organize the race schedule and have fun!

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