Chess is one of the modalities classified as a table game available at Challenge Place.

Played around the world, chess is practiced in a recreational or competitive matches.

A match of chess is played on a board and each competitor controls 16 pieces with different shapes and moves:

  • King (1)
  • Queen (1)
  • Bishop (2)
  • Knight (2)
  • Rook (2)
  • Pawn (8)

The objective of the game is the Checkmate.

A lot of chess tournaments are held around the world every year.

Some tournaments may use the round-robin format, in which every player plays one game against every other player.

It is also widely used the Swiss system, in which each player is paired against an opponent who has the same score in each round.

The confrontation can be a single match between players, or a series of matches.

In a team match, each player on one team plays a game, or series, against a player on the other team.

Currently, in addition to being played in person among players, Chess is very popular online, with a lot of games available.

Whether it’s a professional tournament or just fun with friends, Challenge Place is a powerful tool for managing your Chess tournaments and leagues.

Set whether the tournament will be played by Single players or Teams.

Choose the perfect stage type for your tournament:

• Table – One or multiple groups
• Bracket – With single elimination or double elimination.

Create as many stages as you want in your challenge, of the same type or different types (mixed).

You can create your game schedule manually or let Challenge Place draw and automatically create all games for you, creating the complete schedule in a few clicks.

Another cool option is the “Group zones”. To learn more about it click here.

Create and Share your Chess tournament with your friends and be successful!

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