Auto Racing

Auto Racing or Car Racing is a sport (motorsport) where competitions are held involving several types of automobiles.

There are a many categories of competition in Auto Racing and the most popular are:
  • Open-wheel racing (like Formula One and IndyCar Series)
  • Touring car racing
  • Sports car racing (like 24 Hours of Le Mans)
  • Production-car racing
  • One-make racing
  • Time Attack Series
  • Stock car racing (like NASCAR)
  • Rallying (like Paris-Dakar Rally)
  • Drag racing
  • Off-road racing
  • Kart racing
  • Historical racing

These are some of the most popular Auto Racing modalities practiced.

They include acclaimed competitions such as Formule One, IndyCar Series, 24 Hours of Le Mans, NASCAR and Paris-Dakar Rally.

Challenge Place is a tournament management platform that was created with the motorsport enthusiasts in mind.

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You can create stages with one or multiple groups, in addition to configuring the “Default score in the rounds of this stage”, where you define how many points each place will receive.

For example the 1ST receives 20 points, 3RD 15 points, 5TH 1 point, etc. Also you can set the tiebreakers, wins criteria and add arbitrary value to the scores.

Viewing team and driver scores and statistics at Challenge Place is very intuitive and easy. We have the option of creating a table only for teams information, and another table for drivers information, in the same stage!

You have the option of adding points (or events) to a driver these points are automatically counted for the team that the driver is part of.

In addition you can create custom “Tags”, to assign to drivers or teams, such as “out” or “best lap”.

There are many other options that will make you love the Challenge Place, try now the most powerful tool for creating Auto Racing championships.

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