Challenge Place is getting even better, and now you can support our development.

The Challenge Place team are proud to offer the tool that has taken tournament management to a next level.

In the last few months there have been many news for our community: A lot of new modalities, games and sports, new features and a big performance optimization.

With each update a lot of new users have been discovering and loving all the possibilities of Challenge Place, and making incredible tournaments.

Is extremely important for us to continue offering a powerful and free tool to our users, without giving up our high quality, making Challenge Place the most advanced Tournament Manager in the world. And still free.

We received messages from people all over the world with questions about how they could support Challenge Place, and contribute to the tool they love.

With that in mind, combined with the need for resources to continue to evolve, we created the Challenge Place Premium.

A new way to support Challenge Place, and be part of the revolution in the way of managing sports and games tournaments.

Our team has thought of a way to reward those Premium users who want to support Challenge Place, which is why we are pleased to offer:

Ad-free experience:
Premium members can enjoy the Challenge Place with an ad-free experience.

Support priority:
In addition to the ad-free experience, Premium members have priority in our support channels.

But all of our users are extremely important to Challenge Place, and are part of our community, so even non-Premium users can continue to enjoy and have fun with Challenge Place with all the tools available.

Non-Premium users can also support the Challenge Place, watching the ads displayed, and also contribute to our development.

You can read more about why we use ads by visiting our FAQ: click here.

If you want to know more about the Premium, access the “Go Premium” menu in your app, and learn more about our plans.

Challenge Place team.

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