UKZN HC/MS Res League 2023

Ansel May FC Eliminated
4 months ago - 6/4/2023 1:15 PM GMT-3
Following Target FC's successful protest in their first-round encounter, Ansel May FC was disqualified from the FA Cup. The head coach of Ansel May, Nhlakanipho, refused to let the opposition verify his players and insisted that the player cards were no longer in his possession. Following the hearing, the Disciplinary Committee decided to revoke Ansel May FC's eligibility after it was determined that the team had fielded players who were not qualified and had violated Sections 15.2 and 15.7 of the Res League Constitution. Thus, AmaGupta's round of 16 matchup was against Target FC. Following their 2-0 victory in the Victoria Street derby game, AmaGupta FC will face John Bews FC in the FA Cup's round of eight.

The Disciplinary Committee exhorts the entire league neighborhood to report individuals who are violating the law. Laws apply to everyone equally. Fair play should be encouraged.

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