UKZN Howard College Res League 2022

Howard College Superstars Expelled from participating in the res league and players suspended.
last year - 11/5/2022 11:19 AM GMT-3
HCSS was expelled from participating in the res league for the period of 2 academic months (November 2022 and February 2022) and taken out of the competition's award where they assulted, insulted and threatned the match official and RLC member (premier top 8) for the year 2022. Should they repeat the offence they will be relegated to UFD.

HCSS has also been tasked with working with the upcoming referees committee (2023) in forming a referees protective board, producing atleast 3 referees from the team for the following season and helping out with the workshops of referees.

Sphelele Mbewana and Ntuthuko Mbappe Zibula were suspended for 3 official res league matches for 2022 including the orientation cup in 2023.

HCSS was also fined 10% of their premier league price money.

But HCSS appealed the matter and the appeal is set to sit some time next week.
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